Lubań. Bracka Tower

Bracka Tower is situated in the exact centre of Lubań. It came into being in 1318 and has had eventful history: it was built to strengthen the town gates defence. Except the military and monitoring purposes the tower also served as the belfry and the town prison. Nowadays it is
a sightseeing spot.

More information about the Bracka Tower and its history on the Municipal Council site:

Bracka Tower is 45 metres high and is the only available and open to the public sightseeing spot in the town. It is eight-storey building adjacent to:
Tourist Information,
Lubań Historical Centre,
Lusatia Development,
and Upper Lusatia Admirers Association.

Bracka Tower sightseeing:
from May to October
Monday – Friday: 11:00, 1:00 pm , 3:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: since 10:00 until 2:00 pm

The tower is situated in Bracka Street. Visiting it is free of charge. In the surrounding area car parks are also for free.

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[mappress mapid=”19″] Luban baszta wieza Lauban 016 Luban baszta wieza Lauban 003 Luban baszta wieza  Lauban 004 Luban baszta wieza Lauban 014 Luban baszta wieza  Lauban 001 Luban baszta wieza Lauban 010 Luban baszta wieza Lauban 008

The Town Hall Tower (on the left): Luban baszta wieza bracka Lauban 007 Luban baszta wieza bracka Lauban 006 Luban baszta wieza bracka Lauban 005 Luban baszta wieza bracka Lauban 013 Luban baszta wieza bracka Lauban 012 Luban baszta wieza bracka Lauban 011

Bracka Tower seen from the Town Hall Tower:

ratusz lubań widok kamienna


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