Lwówek Śląski. Abandoned remand centre.

Abandoned remand centre is situated in the centre of Lwówek Śląski (Lower Silesia, Poland). It’s a very mysterious and gloomy place closed for the public. We have very little infromation about the object. From the web we know that:

„It was built in the second half of the 19th century close to the court in order to make it easier to transport the convicts and the suspected to the trials. Such a solution was used in many buildings of that type in Lower Silesia (basing on the idea of penal-judicial complex on the corner of Podwale and Krupnicza Street in Wrocław which was designed by K.F.Bussy and built in 1845-52). Before the II WW the building was a judicial prison for men with short sentences from the provincial court from Lwówek Śląski, Gryfów Śląski and Nowogrodziec. At the end of year 1940 the prison was transformed into the remand centre for boys from the national court district in Jelenia Góra, and in 1941 into the remand centre for girls from the higher national court district in Wrocław. After the war, people from the county court were imprisoned in Lwówek for the common crimes. Those who were in the prison in years 1957-1979 were writing letters still kept in the Penal Institution No 1 in Wrocław.” (taken from powiatlwowecki.info)

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