Lubań. Stone Hill park.

Kamienna Góra (Stone Hill) is one of the most interesting attractions of Lubań. It is supposed to be a sightseeing spot, yet since the trees have already obscured the sight it is a Stone Hill park. The hill is a remnant of a volcano. In its boundaries there are a few interesting objects situated, eg: – amphitheatre, …


Lubań. Regional Museum

Regional Museum in Lubań is situated in the Town Hall. There are very interesting permanent and time expositions. Thanks to the museum’s worker visiting the place is a very engaging experience. He has enormous knowledge of Lubań, its region and the region’s history. One can listen very interesting stories by each and every item in …


Lubań. Bracka Tower

Bracka Tower is situated in the exact centre of Lubań. It came into being in 1318 and has had eventful history: it was built to strengthen the town gates defence. Except the military and monitoring purposes the tower also served as the belfry and the town prison. Nowadays it is a sightseeing spot. More information …


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